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Do you have a calling for sacred service and to “be the change”?

All Paths Divinity School & Spiritual Community welcomes you!  

We honor your journey and celebrate this moment that has led you to All Paths. 

We are founded on an awareness that it is the strength of our coming together in sacred service to the highest and best in us all that brings real change to the world.

 At APDS we have created programs for you, where you can dive deep into the heart and mind of many diverse faith traditions and wisdom paths while intensifying your own spiritual growth and insight. 

“If you are looking for a community of like-minded seekers wanting to fall deeply into the mystery of Who we are, and to answer the question Why are we here? and How can I help? you have come to the right place. All Paths’ progressive programs are spot on!” 2015 M.Div graduate 

Our innovative programs and personalized mentoring model are designed to support you in both theory and practice on your own journey to sacred service. 

We invite you join hands and hearts to this growing community, serving a common goal: desiring to release our sacred gifts and talents into a world and human family that has been deeply wounded and blinded to the experiential fact of our Oneness.

In the words of world renowned Shaman, Sandra Ingerman: “We must remember that we are not just form and matter. We are luminous beings whose destiny is to radiate light and channel unconditional love. We came here to learn about the power of love and to create from love. It is important to keep up our spiritual work to hold a good vision no matter what we see happening in the world. Harmony within creates harmony without. We must dream together with concentration and focus. It is time for us to love the earth and all life. With every breath and every step we take on this great earth, let us join our hearts together in love.” Excepts from the book Spiritual Ecology-Medicine for the Earth(Ch. 17)

We are One. We serve you so that you can serve many. 

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Welcome To All Paths
A Non-Denominational Online Seminary

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Innovative, heart-centered, self-paced studies in non-denominational Ordination, Ministry, Theology, Spiritual Counseling, and Wisdom Traditions.

All Paths Divinity School is an affordable, distance-learning Interfaith Interspiritual seminary.

You can earn a non-denominational Interfaith Interspiritual Ordination and also earn a M.Div or M.Th degree. 

Our online programs are self-paced for the working adult and can be part-time or full time.

Advanced students with extensive professional and counselling experience or related fields may opt for the APDS accelerated track.

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Self-Paced Programs
All Programs Include Ordination as an Interfaith Minister

• Master of Divinity Degree
• Master of Interfaith Theology Degree
• Ordination Program (no degree) NEW !!!

Enlightened Leadership, Interfaith Dialogue, Peace Studies, Divine Feminine, Religion & The Arts, Spirituality & Healing, Community Building, Chaplaincy, or Eco-Spirituality.

Forging new inroads to the study of ministry, theology, and world religions, we welcome international students and have no residency requirements. To interfaith seminary students we offer a comprehensive, robust, and creative curriculum, designed for forward thinkers, at an affordable price.

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Designed Around You

See the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. This program is truly designed around you. Find out how at the link below.


Ongoing Enrollment

Click here for admissions and enrollment info. We would love to learn more about you so please be encouraged to start your online application.


World Class Faculty

Our faculty members are leaders and innovators in the field of local and global interfaith engagement; experts and pioneers in their diverse fields of study.


Do You Resonate With Any of the Following?

• Are looking for a way to offer your highest and best to others
• Have a desire to be of greater service to the global community
• Have a deep passion and curiosity about world religions
• Looking for a new exciting direction for your life

• Want to be a peace-builder or community leader
• Eager to study and expand your knowledge

• Have considerable life or work experience in related fields
• Have done a significant amount of independent study
• Enjoy learning and working at your own pace
• Can work independently
• Hold a deep and abiding respect for the “other”
• A yearning to grow spiritually

All Paths Divinity School is the perfect home for you!

What Are The Real Benefits?

• Mentoring by leaders and pioneers in their fields.
• You will earn the title of Ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister.
• You will develop an understanding of many religions.
• You will be qualified to coach others seeking a faith path.
• Become a minister, spiritual counselor, or ritualist.
• Conduct marriages, funerals, house blessings, etc.
• Clarify your life purpose, vision, and mission.
• Get coaching as you conceive your unique ministry.
• Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the ages.
• Develop your unique spiritual gifts.
• Increase your capacity to be of sacred service.
• Get the skills and grow the confidence you need.

Make the difference and be the change you so desire.
All Paths will walk this journey with you.

Featured Faculty

Ruth Sharone

A  passionate interfaith leader, documentary filmmaker, journalist, teacher and author, honored internationally for her contributions to cultural education, peace and justice, Ruth Broyde Sharone is now serving her fourth term as Co-Chair of the Southern California Parliament of the World’s Religions (SCCPWR).  She is an inspirational public speaker and travels frequently to college campuses to present interfaith programs and screen her award-winning documentary  “God and Allah Need to Talk.”  Her interfaith memoir, MINEFIELDS & MIRACLES: Why God and Allah Need to Talk, considered “a primer on interfaith engagement,” was endorsed by more than 30 religious leaders including H.H. the Dalai  Lama, and won top awards in three literary competitions.

Dedicated to using the arts to encourage interfaith activity, and eager to reach a broader public, Ruth recently released an album with 11 original songs entitled: INTERFAITH: The Musical, bearing the tag line:  “Broadway bound on the wings of peace.”  Ruth is now offering a special community-oriented Sing-a-Long Program to share songs and stories from the musical and, in the process, create a grass-roots movement to help bring the musical to the stage.

Invited twice to address UN roundtables in Geneva, Switzerland, Ruth has pioneered interfaith pilgrimages to Egypt, Israel and Turkey. In 1991 she co-founded FESTIVAL OF FREEDOM with an African-American Minister. Participants of diverse religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds were invited to share their faith stories as they retraced the steps of the Exodus, from Egypt to the Sinai to Jerusalem.  FESTIVAL OF FREEDOM was highlighted on CNN World News in 1994.

Ruth also worked on staff of the global Parliament, serving as a Partner Cities Associate in the U.S., Latin America, Australia, and the Middle East. She initiated major interfaith events at the Bangladeshi and Moroccan Embassies in Washington, D.C. and was invited to present her unique interfaith programs in Spain, Mexico, England, and Italy. In 2013 she was inducted into the Martin Luther King Advisory Board at Morehouse College in Atlanta and in 2015 she received a special commendation as an interfaith leader from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

A regular correspondent for The Interfaith Observer, a monthly on-line interfaith magazine.  (,. Ruth has published more than 50 articles plumbing the world of interfaith engagement.  She is also completing a new book entitled: “Islamophobia from a Jewish Woman’s Perspective” that includes portraits of 18 Muslim women.

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Featured Blog

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