A Special Invitation From All Paths


Are you feeling a deep calling to “make a difference”,
to be the spiritual leader you are destined to be?

Do any of the following questions resonate with you?

~ Have you ever thought of turning your vision into reality but were not sure what “path” to take or how?

~ Are you a free spirit with a deep longing to serve others?

~ Is your your soul stirring to take your spiritual practice to the next level?

~ Do you have a passion for learning and teaching spiritual wisdom and counselling those in need?

~ Do you have a love for mystical and spiritual  traditions and want to know more?

~ Have you ever wanted to start a spiritual community or be a peace-builder?

~ Have you ever thought of being an non-denominational reverend, spiritual counselor, or chaplain?


Become an All Paths certified Spiritual Counselor,
and/or an All Paths Ordained Interfaith / Interspiritual Minister.


Receive a M.Div or M.Theology degree only 18 months!

Affordable | Online | Self-Paced Studies | Spiritual Retreats




Whether you want to start fresh on a new journey or continue your postgraduate studies,
All Paths offers innovative, student centered and affordable programs.
We support your dream so that you can become a Spiritual Counselor,
Minister or Chaplain unique to the character of your own calling.


All Paths’ heart-centered, non-denominational degree programs will guide you
in accessing and integrating interspiritual wisdom from a wide variety of
the world’s religious and spiritual traditions.


All Paths provides the container where you are nurtured to safely deepen your inner spiritual work.
We believe that no-one is a beginner: we are all on our spiritual journey in our own unique way
and we honor our student’s own core beliefs.  


At All Paths you will work with experts and wisdom keepers
to expand your knowledge, develop your spiritual gifts, increasing your capacity

to be of service to the local community and the global village.



What are the REAL BENEFITS All Paths Programs Can Offer Me?

• You will earn the title of Reverend and be able to offer spiritual counseling services. 

• You will have understanding of major religions and spiritual traditions,
and be qualified to coach others seeking a faith path or spiritual practice. 

• As an Interfaith Minister and Ritualist you will be able to counsel and conduct
ceremonies including marriages, baptisms, baby namings, weddings and funerals.

• You will be mentored by world class leaders and pioneers in their fields. 

• You will gain experience in clarifying your niche and defining your life purpose, vision and mission. 

• You will be coached and supported as you conceive your unique ministry. 

• You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in understanding the wisdom of the ages. 

• You will work towards developing your spiritual gifts, increasing your capacity to be of service.

• You will develop skills you need to provide greater positive impact & make the difference you so desire.


Through All Paths programs you can become the change you wish to see in the world.

We would love to know more about you! Apply Now



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