“I never thought I’d fit in anywhere. And sorting through the vast terrain of the world’s religions used to seem daunting but All Paths helped make the journey enjoyable. My program mentor always provided superb direction and the weekly check-ins were great for keeping me on course. Independent study can be challenging for some types of people but I loved it and I always felt supported anyway. My main goal was to get clear on what my interfaith ministry was going to be all about. Having the space, privacy, and encouragement to do so made all the difference, and the result is that I have a greater confidence in sharing my spiritual gifts.”

“I’d started an M.Div program at another online school, which had promoted itself as “nondenominational” but as I found out as I was working my way through their program,what they meant was non-denominational Christian (only). Besides being incredibly ill-fitted and unhappy in their program, I came eventually to understand too that I had the sticky problem of ordination following the program. I’d never have been able to get ordination as a Methodist, so I’m glad I found All Paths and made the switch.”

“The theology program was much more inclusive than anything else I’d come across in my search for a divinity school.  I truly appreciate the way I was encouraged to find my own way of integrating all the information, and the freedom to study almost anything, from any angle that I wanted to. That’s what I needed and found in APDS. The foundation classes were really excellent too as they served for a nice introduction to the field. I would definitely recommend this degree program to anyone seriously interested in interfaith theology.”

“I chose All Paths because it provided me with the flexibility to work on my degree from home at my own time and my own pace. That was important to me because at the time I had a full time job.  I literally spent each evening and weekend reading and writing papers for a year… but I did it. They were patient with me, answered all of my questions, gave me valuable feedback and consistently expected that I do my best.  My learning was primary for them and I appreciated that.  My honest take on All Paths and the value of the experience, from my perspective as a part-time student and a mature soul, I give 5 stars.  My experience at All Paths has helped me change my life!”

“A few years ago, I began to go through a major life transformation with much reluctance. Divine guidance was and has been the only light for which to navigate in the dark. This light eventually lead me to the door of All Paths. Before this discovery was made, I had no idea Interfaith had existed. It took my entire life up until now to unravel my inner spirit and awareness of it. Choosing a life of spiritual service was never the path I thought I would follow in this life. Having come to this discovery has been a beautiful and at times, terrifying journey into the unknown. But the guidance and nurturing provided by my guides at All Paths has allowed me to unravel this mystery with loving kindness, patience and self evolving structure. If you find yourself at this same door, wondering if your inner guidance has lead you straight and true, have faith, step through, and know you are in very safe and capable hands. My deepest gratitude to everyone at All Paths.”

“I have been impressed with the encouragement and open dialogue of APDS.  Your unconditional love and support is extraordinary.  I am finding the curriculum to be exceptional and challenging – it is open to personal reflection of  what spiritual/religious enhancement and knowledge means for us individually as well.  The cage surrounding me in my social identity as a spiritual caregiver is bending and melting away. I now have a stronger personal awareness of my connection within humanity, rather than being the “outsider” or the “lady from another planet” as I have been called on many occasions!”

“This program of study has been so good for me…it has helped organize my inquiry in ways I couldn’t possibly have tackled on my own, and it has given me access to a community of wonderful colleagues and friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you… from the bottom of my heart.”

“I enjoyed all of my classes at APDS. The curriculum was all highly interesting and the feedback I received on my assignments was helpful. My whole life I knew that I’d pursue religious studies but unsure which kind. For a long time I prayed to find the right kind of religious education because none of the schools I looked at really appealed to me. When I found All Paths Divinity School I rejoiced knowing that I had found the right place. The staff and faculty are really friendly and so my whole experience was very enjoyable not to mention spiritually enriching. “