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KILLING DEATH by Andre van Zijl

“God can “name” you correctly, secretly, truthfully, and always lovingly, by Him and as His (Experienced True Self). This Self is indestructible, un-offendable, and already in heaven.” Richard Rohr –…

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    • "I never thought I'd fit in anywhere. And sorting through the vast terrain of the world's religions used to seem daunting but All Paths helped make the journey enjoyable. My program mentor always provided superb direction and the weekly check-ins were great for keeping me on course. Independent study can be challenging for some types of people but I loved it and I always felt supported anyway. My main goal was to get clear on what my interfaith ministry was going to be all about. Having the space, privacy, and encouragement to do so made all the difference, and the result is that I have a greater confidence in sharing my spiritual gifts."
    • "I’d started an M.Div program at another online school, which had promoted itself as “nondenominational” but as I found out as I was working my way through their program,what they meant was non-denominational Christian (only). Besides being incredibly ill-fitted and unhappy in their program, I came eventually to understand too that I had the sticky problem of ordination following the program. I’d never have been able to get ordination as a Methodist, so I’m glad I found All Paths and made the switch."
    • "The theology program was much more inclusive than anything else I'd come across in my search for a divinity school.  I truly appreciate the way I was encouraged to find my own way of integrating all the information, and the freedom to study almost anything, from any angle that I wanted to. That's what I needed and found in APDS. The foundation classes were really excellent too as they served for a nice introduction to the field. I would definitely recommend this degree program to anyone seriously interested in interfaith theology."