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Admissions Requirements

Since All Paths Divinity School does not require entrance exams such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT, all incoming students are required to demonstrate readiness for collegiate-level study in an online environment which relies heavily upon writing ability, independent study, and sustained focus. Appropriate documentation will be requested as needed.

Applicants should ideally have a Bachelor’s degree. Occasionally we can evaluate an applicant based on relevant, practical, work/life, and spiritual experience. At a minimum all applicants must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, as earned through a high school equivalency test. 

There are no residency or travel requirements for any of the programs. All courses can be completed in a location of the students choosing, whether at home or work or on holiday. Prospective students may enroll at any time and Academic Advisers are available year-round.

International students are welcome from any country provided they can correspond in English and have well developed writing skills.

The technical requirements of an on-line program include students having their own access to E-mail, Internet, and a personal computer. It is also the student’s responsibility to obtain regular access to college-level library resources or electronic research equivalents.


Application Checklist
Every applicant must provide the following materials:

1. Complete the online application for enrollment.

2. After submitting online application you will automatically be
redirected to pay the nonrefundable $150 application fee via paypal.

3. Mail us transcripts reflecting any previous studies you’d like us to know about. If you do not have any previous studies please send us a letter explaining why we should consider you for the program.

4. Mail us a letter of recommendation as a character reference or professional endorsement.
Email Documents to:

5. Students seeking ordination should include a written explanation describing their call to ministry.

6. Provide a sample of your written work of 1,500-3,000 words.
This piece of writing should ideally reflect your interest in subjects
related to ministry, theology, religious studies, or spiritual life. However you may
submit a paper on a alternate subject or re-use something appropriate written for another program.

7. Provide a digital photograph of yourself, for identity verification security and purposes. This should be a photocopy or scan of your government issued identification card or driver’s license.

8. Celebrate your decision. All Paths is excited to start this journey with you!

Professional Associations

Programs & Pricing
Includes all required program fees except for textbooks.

Ordination Program
Part One = $2,300
Part Two = $2,300
and a minimum of 3 Electives @ $300 each

Masters Degrees
Part 1 = $3650 main courses
and a minimum of 2 electives @ $300 each
Part 2 = $3650 main courses
and a minimum of 2 electives @ $300 each

Optional Add-Ons
Extra electives @ $300 each.
Spiritual Counseling $80 each session  

(group of 10 sessions for $720 – 1 free).
Annual Retreat estimated at $750
includes accommodation, food and program
(travel/transportation not included).

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Payment Plans

If you are paying for your education yourself, you’re in the right place. We embrace the new paradigm of affordable online education for all – aiming to help make high education costs a thing of the past. Our tuition is a tiny fraction the cost of other online universities. With the option to spread out payments over 18 months, these are programs almost everyone can afford. 

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We maintain a limited scholarship program for people who demonstrate hardship. To request more information about scholarships please email your inquiry and letter stating your need to:

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Financial Aid

We do not currently offer any kind of federal loan programs or grants. Instead we are embracing the new paradigm of affordable online education for all – aiming to help make high education costs a thing of the past.

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Got Questions?

Ready to speak with an admissions counselor? Call our Los Angeles office at (562) 448-2012 or use the simple contact form.